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8 Signs You’re a Pilates Groupie

  • on October 27, 2018
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8 Signs You’re a Pilates Groupie


PILATES {pul-a-teez} GROUPIE (n.) (adjective: obsessive, bendy body): a term of pride and positive group identity.


A “Pilates Groupie” is characteristically intellectual and fanatical about the practice of Pilates. An afflicted person may dedicate exorbitant amounts of time to Pilates workouts, its history, principles and techniques.


A Pilates Groupie can also suffer from a condition that sees them inordinately attracted to and pleased by the purchase of Pilates-specific, luxe fashion.


What are the symptoms?


1)Your enthusiasm for Pilates is scaring those around you?


2) You frequently start sentences with the following….                       

                                                              “At Pilates…”

“Pilates is…”                                                                                    “Pilates…”


“Did I mention  Pilates…?




3) Do you know what would fix that?………Did you know, Pilates is a cure-all?


Back pain? Pilates!

Pregnant? Pilates!

Posture problems? Pilates!

Stressed? Pilates!

Want to transform your mind, body and soul? Pilates!




4) You own more sports bra’s than regular one’s.…….and you fail to see why this is troubling?


5) You have a favourite ‘spot’.    


Location is everything!


6)   Pilates socks are life!!!!!

Just one more pair, you totally need them.  Sparkles….dots…leopard print……dizzy.




7) Look at me!

On more than one occasion you find yourself demonstrating something you’ve learned at Pilates to someone who has no real interest in your ability to roll like a ball/do full teaser/single leg stretch etc.






8) You’re quick to share the love

Anyone say referral? You know you’re a Pilates Groupie when your love runs so deep you recommend it to everyone.