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5 benefits for keeping it small….

  • on December 29, 2018
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There’s been a lot of research into the benefits of smaller class sizes on the academic performance of schools. Studies have proven that smaller class sizes increases student achievement, boosts grades and improves attendance records.

When practicing Pilates the benefits of smaller group classes can also be seen.

With less people in a group you are able to receive more individual attention, giving  the space to focus on specific problems and assist more readily in stretching and proper alignment.

If you’re thinking of enrolling in a Pilates class for the New Year, here are 5 key benefits of smaller group classes for you to consider.


Personalised Classes


Being able to customise Pilates  exercises for you will maximise your workout. Everybody’s fitness goals are different. You may be doing Pilates to lose weight, tighten up specific areas or rehabilitate an injury. With smaller classes Pop Up Community classes include exercises to suit your specific needs.


Greater Understanding


Smaller group classes afford your instructor (that’s me) a deeper understanding of your strengths and limitations. Smaller classes means more individual attention. You won’t get lost in a crowd of people and I am  better able to track your progress and abilities.

Understanding works both ways, I positively encourage  you to ask questions, if it doesn’t feel right, doubt yourself, simply ask.   Share the knowledge, passion and Pilates love.


Personalised Approach


Pop Up Community classes are limited to a maximum of 10  people per class. We stick to this limit because we want the ability to address our client’s distinct needs. This personal approach allows you to feel safe and secure when you come, confident in the knowledge that we have the time and focus to provide you with a workout that suits you, not just a generalised class with routine exercises.




Switch from Inside – Out!


With smaller group classes it is much easier to move around. A balance of indoor and outdoor settings keeps things fresh and interesting and provides a more varied workout.  When indoors you have access to equipment, whilst outdoor training offers many benefits such as increased mental stimulation, exposure to Vitamin D and a healthy mood boost.#

#Summer time classes (weather permitting) will be held in Central Park, hoping for a glorious Spring and Summer.


Social Interaction


Smaller classes provide an opportunity to connect with others that isn’t afforded with large, crowded classes. Smaller groups nurture collaboration and cooperation and allow you to forge relationships with greater ease. Because of our smaller groups we often find that our clients continue to build friendships with each other outside of their Pilates classes!

Our small groups of a maximum of 10, are set up to ensure it provides a supportive, calm and nurturing environment that will help you achieve your goals so you can feel good about your body and your mind.