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A HUGE and Humble Thank You

  • on December 21, 2018
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Just a final note to finish the year on….my it has been a roller coaster.

Its been exhausting and exhilarating BUT  it has  enabled me to spend time doing what I love…the joy and the satisfaction I get from seeing you all develop your technique, strength, health and posture, makes we want to skip…ok, I admit it does happen, I try to do it when you can’t see.

The knowledge I’ve gained (Birmingham, you’ve been my second home), the professionals I’ve met and connected with, the ladies and gents that come to class.  All of our stories, I’m genuinely touched and inspired.

I cannot express enough my Thanks for ALL your continued support, my cheer leaders, promoters, family , friends, leaflet distributors, Jane from the Scouts,  those that have provided a bed – (Lulu, forever in your debt), Alfie the dog – best support crew ever.

Oh my, its like a Oscar award winning speech……..you all keep coming back, which surprises and confuses me? (Apologies, can’t help a bit of self deprecation)  sincerely, I’m truly, truly thankful.

Have a wonderful week off……see you ALL back in the New Year – with new choreography, music and a few changes to the timetable.


One final time…..