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Standing. It’s just something you do, right (like breathing)? The truth is, there’s a perfectly aligned and balanced way to stand…and the imbalanced way many of […]

“Your ability to perform athletically can decline with a very small amount of dehydration. “Just losing 2% of your body weight in fluid can decrease performance by […]

You ran, cycled, walked , then Pilates. Such a beautiful setting and almost perfect weather conditions. Here’s a few pictures during the relaxation, can you spot […]



by June 1, 2019

Summertime, and the living is easy.Fish are jumping, and Pilates is in the Park. I can hear you singing…. Can’t wait to see you all, and […]

We have talked about the benefits of Pilates in earlier blog posts, but did you know  how much of a thinker Joseph Pilates was? He may be best […]

Pilates is my passion  and I LOVE sharing it with you. So here I am …sharing the love and glamour of being a Pilates instructor.   […]

We’ve all been there – I’m sure, that moment when your toes claw and you literally want to roll around the floor in agony….. (that might […]

When did growing up become so complicated?   Cue hormones, school stresses, life lessons, peer pressure, body and self confidence issues to name a few. Add […]

There’s been a lot of research into the benefits of smaller class sizes on the academic performance of schools. Studies have proven that smaller class sizes […]

Just a final note to finish the year on….my it has been a roller coaster. Its been exhausting and exhilarating BUT  it has  enabled me to […]