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There’s been a lot of research into the benefits of smaller class sizes on the academic performance of schools. Studies have proven that smaller class sizes […]

Just a final note to finish the year on….my it has been a roller coaster. Its been exhausting and exhilarating BUT  it has  enabled me to […]

I love Christmas, family, friends, cosy fires, board games, walks, chocolate, occasional tipple,  a conveyor belt of food….a week of sleep ins……BUT cabin fever will strike! […]

  There have been moments when I’ve considered the above question……sometimes whilst actually in the pub, sometimes prior to visiting. I’ve even on occasion pretended to […]

Celebrate what your body can do, strength and mobility are gifts that don’t last forever.   Celebrate now and maintain for the future.   This hopefully means you […]

Sleep, Eat, Pilates, Repeat.     Most people in the UK are getting less than 6.5 hours sleep per night, and it’s taking its toll.  Many […]

 You’ll walk taller, have a better golf swing, run faster, swim smoother.   Technology has created a generation of back and neck pain. Pilates helps to […]

  8 Signs You’re a Pilates Groupie   PILATES {pul-a-teez} GROUPIE (n.) (adjective: obsessive, bendy body): a term of pride and positive group identity.   A […]

  It’s a workout without props. (I told you)! This is where I encourage everyone to start class …… as you…no gimmicks…no gadgets….just you, in clothes […]