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Celebrate the boys and men in your lives!

  • on November 8, 2019
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Did you know?

The inaugural Plymouth International Mens Day Conference will be taking place on 19th November at the New Continetal Hotel in Plymouth

The aim of International Men’s Day is to celebrate positive male role models in Plymouth and raises awareness of men’s issues. These include topics such as men’s health, diversity, toxic masculinity, coping with bereavement and the prevalence of male suicide.

Each year the event has gone from strength to strength in the UK and is marked and celebrated by a variety of organisations in the private, public and charitable sectors across the country. Many have used it to highlight the need to provide more support from men and boys as well as the support they already provide.

IMD in the UK takes a gender inclusive approach and therefore believes in ensuring that issues affecting women and girls are also resolved.

It also recognises the intersection between gender and other factors such as race and sexuality which can compound the inequalities affecting men and boys.

We will follow that same ethos at the Plymouth conference.

The Plymouth conference aims to celebrate positive male role models, provide a forum for open discussion and provide access to health care support

Throughout the afternoon we will hear from local and national speakers from diverse backgrounds covering a broad range of topics appropriate to the issue that men face on a daily basis.

There will be ample opportunity for delegates to mingle, meet and learn from each other and from the various organisations and exhibitors supporting the conference.

Further information can be found on the website https://plymouthimd.co.uk and by following Plymouth International Men’s Day on Facebook and Twitter

Delighted to be able to share this event, lets celebrate the boys and men in our lives Sx