Pop Up Pilates

Find a class that's right for you.

Community Pilates

The Pop Up Pilates community class.  This is the one for everyone.

Improved flexibility, core strength, balance & mental focus are just some of the benefits, whether you are a keen cyclist, runner or new to exercise, Pilates is a game changer, can help to correct imbalances in your posture; lengthen and strengthen muscles and help to improve your performance.

Pilates Buddy

Mum & Son, Dad & Daughter Any family combination 8+ years.

Working out together can transform a family dynamic, similar to adults, exercise outs children in a better mood due to the release of endorphins. Children will carry on their day in a happier frame of mind and feel better about themselves. Exercising together can also help the family bond and teach children useful lessons about working together.

Mr. Pilates

Pop Up Pilates is now holding a MEN ONLY class.

We know that the mention of a Pilates workout can make many men recoil in horror. After all, its for lightweight ladies, celebs and men who babble on about their ‘aura’, isn’t it?

Simply….No! The system was designed by Joseph Pilates!

60% of his clients were male.

Wiggle & Giggle

Hello and welcome to Mummy & Me Pilates. Term Time ONLY.

This Mummy and Me Exercise class is for mums and toddlers doing Pilates together n a 45 minute session.

Bring along a little mat or blanket for you both to relax on and a favourite toy! You might also want to bring something you can snuggle up to with little one at the end of class while we relax…I know… you actually get time to relax!!!

Teens & Tweens

Cue hormones, school stresses, life lessons, peer pressure, body and self confidence issues to name a few. Add that to sitting for most of a day, either at school or at home doing homework, telly watching, texting etc, and,while they may engage in an extra school sports, these sports are usually one dimensional.

Meaning: repetitive movements resulting in an imbalance in musculature. Add to that, if your child is a busy child, where do they find the time to find themselves? To find that quiet place within their minds and bodies where they can just be without having to BE anyone? Where they can connect with their essential self?

Pop Up Corporate

Pop Up Corporate packages are designed to suit each company’s needs.

Whether you work in management or a manual worker, we have repetitive movements, unwittingly adjusting our posture, our bodies simply aren’t designed to withstand hours of sitting at computers or in meetings, which in turn can impact your health and well being long term.

An empty office or room can simply become a studio.  Sessions can be corporately funded, participant funded or corporately subsidised.
Whatever your needs or goals Pop Up will design a package for you.

Pop Up Personal Training

Pop Up Personal Training is a private training session, which can be in your home, workplace or in a community space. It is a masterclass providing one to one instruction, or with a friend, to enable you to master the principles and then join a club or community class.

You may never wish to leave...
I am able to come to you wherever you may be in the city, the first session would be a postural assessment (not as scary as it sounds) and health questionnaire.

We would then progress to a bespoke Pilates class
- tailored to your needs.
Pop Up PT is;

£30..00 per hour 1 to 1
£35 per hour for a maximum of 2 people

Class Schedule

Simply click on your class of choice to reserve your place.  Places are limited and priority will be given to those that have reserved online.  If its your first ever class with me, please download the questionnaire, complete and bring along with you. Community & Mr Pilates are £6.00 per person, pay as you go.  Pilates Buddy & Wiggle & Giggle are £8.00 per 'pair', pay as you go. Maps for the venues can be found on the contact page.