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Naked Pilates, it’s not what you think (most likely).


It’s a workout without props. (I told you)!

This is where I encourage everyone to start class

…… as you…no gimmicks…no gadgets….just you,

in clothes you can move about in freely.


Pilates is fantastic for your overall health and well-being and requires little equipment, I always suggest that on the first few classes borrow a mat, discover the principles of Pilates, fall in love with the challenge of your body weight versus gravity.


Then you’ll simply never want to stop, and it could be time to invest in a few key pieces…..You may even wish to continue your practice at home.   I’ve listed the items in what I consider to be order of priority, mat, water bottle then socks.


The Pilates Mat

When it comes to Pilates mats, there are a lot out there. It’s hard choosing the right one, having the right mat can really help.

Pilates mats are generally thicker, I always recommend 10 mm minimum preferable 15mm -the most important part of their function is to cushion the spine, knees, wrists – all your boney bits.  Also, with a high density to ensure they don’t stretch during your workout.


The Water Bottle

At the top of your must have’s for any exercise class  – introducing the Ello Simplified design, with lots of colour options and silicone sleeve designs and;


Glass is safer, cleaner, greener**Silicone sleeve protects glass**Leak-proof locking lid with silicone soft straw**Wide mouth for easy cleaning and adding ice

Pilates Socks – Shashi 

Over the years I’ve had lots of oo’s and aaah’s for my sparkly socks, I am now delighted to be a retailer of Shashi Socks, now we can sparkle throughout our workouts, choose from the selection.   Excited a little!!  Available through the website shop.Every girl needs a bit of glamour and luxury, whatever the day throws at you.


The Pilates Circle

A Pilates circle is perfect for adding extra resistance to moves, exercises, and workouts. The Circle is usually introduced at intermediate level – a great way to focus and challenge the body more.



Pilates Block

Pilates blocks can be used to aid positions and moves in Pilates classes, exercises, and workouts. The blocks can assist the body, in an attempt to avoid injury when initially starting out.


Pilates Ball

A Pilates ball can be used for matwork and alongside other Pilates equipment to add an extra challenge to your workout.  My most favourite piece of equipment, I really enjoy working with the ball, it provides focus and can make certain moves feel easier!!   If purchasing, please avoids the colour green!  To avoid muddling with mine.