Exercise Yoga Mat with Carry Handles – Thick NBR Mats For Gymnastics Pilates Exercise Fitness Black


Material Matters Our mats are made with 15mm high-density NBR foam which makes them a little thicker than traditional yoga mats.  The added bonus is that you can also use the mat in other, higher-intensity workouts, since it will provide all the padding you need. NBR is one of the best materials for exercise mats, since it is extremely high quality and durable.

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  • ✅ EXTREME COMFORT – Practice the most difficult of yoga poses in confidence, knowing your body is fully supported on our 15mm-thick mat. And experience the most amazing of shavasanas at the end of your practice, fully stretching out on our 183cm x 62cm surface!
  • ✅ EASY STORAGE AND TRANSPORT – Yoga is supposed to enhance your life – not get in the way! Luckily our mat rolls up easily to be stored safely between classes. It weighs only 2lbs and features an integrated self-strapping system to make transportation a breeze!
  • ✅ DURABLE AND HIGH QUALITY – We use high-density, soft NBR foam, offering the best quality and most durable mats possible. With a thickness of 15mm and free from latex and phthalates, this mat should last the duration of your yoga journey.
  • ✅ ANTI-SLIP – Keeping stable during your yoga practice is a challenge in itself, which is why we have provided our mats with textured surfaces to help stop you slipping as you move from asana to asana. The mat also grips to the floor so it should never slide out from under you.
  • ✅ HYGIENIC – Our wipe clean surface allows you to simply wipe away the sweat, dirt and tears (of joy) after each session, keeping germs and bacteria at bay.
  • ✅ GUARANTEE 100% Risk Hassle Free 30 Days Return Policy We understand that when you buy your products, you need reassurance that you can change your mind, when you want to, and get your money back. Without the pressure of 30 day time limit.