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Surprising Reasons To Do Pilates (They’re Not What You Think!)

  • on November 6, 2018
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 You’ll walk taller, have a better golf swing, run faster, swim smoother.


Technology has created a generation of back and neck pain. Pilates helps to strengthen the postural muscles that will ease that pain, and also allow you to sit or stand tall throughout your workday. I hear some participants say they hear my voice, ‘Imagine, I’m pulling your hair!’

Pilates encourages all muscles to strengthen, lengthen, improves joint mobility and corrects muscle imbalances.  Leading to a faster, leaner, taller you.




 You’ll  strengthen your pelvic muscles.                                                                     Don’t make me laugh – incontinence isn’t funny.

Most women are  aware of pelvic floor exercises, but, only  do them when they hear the words “pelvic floor”.  Men are usually blissfully unaware they’ve even got a pelvic floor until their prostate misbehaves.

Many believe that leaking is an inevitable part of parenthood or ageing.   It is simply not true and simple changes to lifestyle can have a huge impact.

One of the Pilates movement principles is core activation. You  activate your core prior to starting any exercise during class. The core is made up of several muscles including the muscles in the pelvic floor.  The stronger those muscles are, the less likely you’ll need a Tenalady!




Pilates isn’t fluffy, has the best butt exercises, but, its not a bootcamp!

Regulars at class are familiar with the phrase                                        ‘Welcome the Wobble!’

Clam shells, hip lifts, bridges, single leg balance and thigh stretches, just to name a few. Why do we need great glutes? To make your bum look good in tights, of course.

Oh, and pelvic stability, knee alignment, power in jumps, speed when running… a great butt is a great asset for everyone.





Great body awareness.

Knowing correct posture from your classes will spill over into the other activities of your life, sitting at your computer or at your desk, standing in line, holding your kids. It will start to feel natural to draw your abs in and push your shoulders down. To  hunch over your computer or slouch through the supermarket will start to feel unnatural

Your body will begin to tell you where its weak places are helping you to avoid injuries by using correct posture and having a stronger core.



De stress and breathe.

Not every workout needs to begin and end with “om” to gain some of the benefits of mindful Pilates will help you to tune into your body in order to activate the muscles. You need to listen to the instructions carefully in order to be safe,  pay attention to the feedback you are getting from your body. You cannot think about your grocery list, school run or what you are wearing to work.  Pilates takes mental focus that is refreshing and stimulates the brain.

Breath is crucial to a Pilates routine. It is a deep lateral breath that engages your diaphragm and your core. Once mastered, you will feel more energised and relaxed.



Part of the adventure is finding us….

Pop Up Pilates is mainly based at Plymouth 11th Scout Hut in Peverell.  Visit the website for map location.

Pop postcode PL3 4PD into you’re satnav, once you find us you’ll never leave!

Maximum of 10 in class, ensuring correct technique, focus and support, time to develop you!