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The (not so) Glamorous Life of a Pilates Instructor

  • on March 25, 2019
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Pilates is my passion  and I LOVE sharing it with you.

So here I am …sharing the love and glamour of being a Pilates instructor.


I spend 6 out of 7 days in ‘active wear’, even if I don’t workout.

I so love the clip below;


I have a love/hate relationship with all things beginning with i….. ipod, ihpone, ipad.

I’m determined to get a handle on it, I even have a dry run at home with the tech and at the beginning of class as I press play….silence!

I have “blah days”, we all do.

Some days I get dressed and feel so frustrated that nothing fits right. It usually has to do with too many treats or that time of the month. On these days I wear loose clothes, smile and move on, fighting the desire to lay on the couch and watch Walter Presents. (with sweet and salted popcorn, or crisps, or chocolate


I don’t workout as much as you think.

I used to exercise a lot more than I do now. I typically juggle work, being a mum and teaching, so these days my workouts are a smaller part of my life. I workout a few times per week, sometimes more, sometimes less. I’ve come to accept that different seasons of life bring different seasons of exercise and that’s okay.


I sometimes feel like the dance teacher with the giant stick from Fame!

Replace the word Fame with Pilates…don’t pretend you don’t know it.

“Pilates costs…and this is where you start paying…in sweat!”

Pilates in Pyjamas.

During class there will be that moment when you need to adjust your top, leggings, hair!  I swear I look disheveled, as though I’ve just stepped out of bed and my crown has most definitely slipped!


I fart in class, occassionally.

But I can honestly say it’s quite rare, because I’m embarrassed? No.

Do I think it’s a bad sign? No! Farting is part of being human.

When it happened in one of my classes a couple of week’s ago, I was mortified, then pleased! As  I was demonstrating the need for core breathing during the roll up and explaining that if you held your breath the move would become more difficult, that you would be bearing down into my pelvic floor.


It was funny…but you must listen to our bodies…..FARTING Matters……. it can be a brilliant
indicator of what’s going on too.

So if you find that you fart or leak when doing any movements like lifting, squatting, jumping, laughing, coughing or even
sneezing – don’t ignore the sign your body is giving you.



I’m not perfect and I never will be, I’m  very self deprecating, please please don’t pay compliments about class,  as will result in a punch  on the arm…. I grew up the only girl on the street, its the only way to accept praise or demonstrate affection.

But, when you leave I will literally skip around and punch the air…you guys rock!

Seriously, please share your experiences, even farting! We are a small supportive class and everyone single one of us will experience Pilates high and lows.


PN: Reading the blog before posting found; dislike sentences beginning with I, talking about myself, cringing..bit like farting in class!