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Why Pilates is perfect for tweens and teens…

  • on December 29, 2018
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When did growing up become so complicated?


Cue hormones, school stresses, life lessons, peer pressure, body and self confidence issues to name a few. Add that to sitting for most of a day, either at school or at home doing homework, telly watching, texting etc, and,while they may engage in an extra school sports, these sports are usually one dimensional.

Meaning: repetitive movements resulting in an imbalance in musculature. Add to that, if your child is a busy child, where do they find the time to find themselves? To find that quiet place within their minds and bodies where they can just be without having to BE anyone? Where they can connect with their essential self?


Yes, you guessed it, a Pilates class!


Pilates offers  3/4 of an  hour away from ‘the real world’ where they can be who they are, move their bodies, feel great about their bodies, get stronger, fitter, more mobile, find balance and move in all planes of direction. Pilates inspires body confidence THE HEALTHY WAY because they are in a safe space to explore what their bodies are able to do and to be IN their bodies, without judgement! Another benefit from doing Pilates and finding the right teacher for your child, is that a healthy bond is formed between the teacher and child, inspiring confidence and the ability to speak to an adult (who is not a parent) if needs be.





Pilates will also help with their chosen sport, be it tennis, netball, ballet, rugby, football, cricket, yes, Pilates is fantastic for boys too. In fact, Pilates was designed by a man (Joseph Pilates – hence the name) and the system of exercises he designed were intended to strengthen both the body and mind of both males AND females. Starting the Pilates habit early on in life can only be beneficial, showing that self-love and acceptance is crucial to well-being.





Tweens & Teens starting from Tuesday 8th January 6.00pm-6.45pm

£4 per class.

At Plymouth 11th Scout Hut

10-14 years*

*If attended the Tweens & Teens classes at 14+ your teen will then able to join you at  the mixed Pop Up Community classes.